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Shanghai three beam Industrial Co., Ltd. is willing to provide you with the best and fastest service.

Our company is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.The company has always been committed to the field of industrial manufacturing provides a broad and comprehensive laserManufacturing process solutions.So far, the company has production and sales of the series of laser processing system. The company and the Shanghai Institute,Xi'an Institute of optics, Changchun machineThe establishment of close cooperation and with the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai Normal University,Beijing University of Technology established a strategic cooperative  relationship, the company long-term and coherent,DILAS, America's IPG, the establishment of business oriented cooperation. ISO9001 quality control system based on the production management system of the company, to ensure that users choose productsThe lead ship, the performance and quality of products.The company now has a strong product development and design capabilities, and independently  developed a number of products and a number of patents.The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of laser equipment, non-standard laser equipment, including plastic laser  welding machine, traceability laser code machine, MES system networking, laserHigh power cleaning machine, pure fiber laser welding machines, laser soldering machine, laser cutting  machine and glue. Laser marking, widely used in various industries for cutting and weldingDrilling,punching, scribing, dicing and quenching. Complete product portfolio, to meet the diverse needs of users and processing. Products are exported to the United States, Britain, ItalyLee, Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korean, Thai, Indian, Egypt and other countries and regions.      The company spirit of "mutual benefit and common development" principle, adhere to the "integrity of entrepreneurship, technological innovation, quality service, people-oriented" principle, adhere to the customer as the center, take the  technology as the core, dedicated to provide you with advanced technology, stable performance, simple operation, high  efficiency and energy saving of all kinds of laser processing equipment,And established a nationwide sales and after-sales  service system, to provide you with a comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sales support and services. Shanghai three beam Industrial Co., the company is willing to provide the best and the most efficient service for you!

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