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As a kind of welding heat source, laser has the advantages of good collimation, high beam energy density, small area of action, fast heating speed and rapid condensation. In the welding process, the laser beam is acted on the welding area through the optical path system composed of optical fiber, the first layer is a transparent layer, the second layer is an absorption layer. When the hot melt zone is formed, the plastics in the thermal zone melt each other. During the subsequent solidification process, the melted material forms a new intermelting material, thus connecting the welded parts.

Product advantages
  • Non-contact and flexible application;
  • Thermal stress on welded parts is minimized;
  • simple weld shape;
  • no special development;
  • no vibration processing;
  • High precision, high strength, airtight, good watertight effect;
  • No need to develop special fixture, general installation fixture;
  • no consumables (adhesives, fasteners);
  • easy integration automation;
  • High quality welding laser: imported laser light source, laser to do PD monitoring better to ensure the product in the process of processing stability and reliability;
  • High efficiency and high integration: can cooperate with any system, any programmable controller, laser with the function of monitoring and self-checking, easy integration;
  • High stability: the laser adopts imported light source, the control system optimizes the energy-saving function, and better ensures the stability of the equipment running continuously for 24 hours;
  • Safety, environmental protection and no pollution: compared with the traditional welding process, the welding process is stable and beautiful, no obvious welding slag, no other consumable products in the production process, no other additives, no impact on the health of operators;
Sample display
Application industry

Plastic products, 3c electronics, automotive accessories, instrumentation, medical industry, home appliance industry, sensors, filters, aerospace, etc.

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