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A series of summaries
Laser welding machine is also called laser welding machine. Laser welding machine is used in laser material processing. According to its working mode, laser welding machine is divided into laser mould burning machine, automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, laser brazing machine, etc. Laser welding is to use high energy laser pulse to heat the material in the small area. The energy of laser radiation diffuses to the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific melting pool to achieve the purpose of welding.
Product advantages

1, the speed is fast, the depth is big, the deformation is small.

2, can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, welding equipment is simple. For example, when a laser passes through an electromagnetic field, the beam does not shift; the laser can be welded in a vacuum, in air, or in a gas environment, and can be welded through glass or materials that are transparent to the beam of light.

3, can weld refractory materials such as titanium, quartz and so on, and can weld heterosexual materials, the effect is good.

4. After laser focusing, the power density is high, the aspect ratio can reach 5: 1, and the maximum is 10: 1 when the high power device is welded.

5. Micro welding can be carried out. The laser beam can obtain very small spot after focusing and can be located accurately. It can be used in the group welding of large-batch automatic production of micro-and small-sized workpieces.

6, welding difficult to reach the site, the implementation of non-contact distance welding, has a great deal of flexibility. Especially in recent years, optical fiber transmission technology has been adopted in YAG laser processing technology, which makes laser welding technology more widely spread and applied.

7. The laser beam is easy to be separated by time and space, and can be processed simultaneously by multi-beam and multi-station, which provides the condition for more precise welding.

8, has been automated integration and application.

Sample display
Application industry
Widely used in automotive industry manufacturing, power battery, 3C electronic manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing sheet metal, power, hardware, aerospace, rail transit, shipping, and electrical and other fields.
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