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On September 17, the first forum for the innovation of plastic laser welding materials and equipment was opened at the Suzhou High Railway Gold Hotel.
This forum demonstrated the major issues such as the status quo of plastic laser welding technology, the direction of application, and the development status of the engineering plastics industry. Mr. Wanguoqiang, Shanghai's three-beam laser manager, participated in the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "Process Application of Plastic Laser Welding".
Wanguoqiang is a firm doer and former player in the field of plastic laser welding. In 2013, he founded Shanghai Sansha Industrial Co., Ltd. and is committed to the development of plastic welding. In the following years, a number of welding equipment and process solutions for lights, automotive fuel systems, automotive electronics, 3C electronics, medical and other industries were launched in succession, contributing to the high-quality development of the plastic laser welding industry and facilitating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. An indispensable force.
Manager Wanguoqiang attended the forum and made an in-depth analysis and sharing of the "process application of plastic laser welding" as an argument. It is indicated that plastic laser welding needs to establish a vertical traceability system due to the complex characteristics of polymer materials, and monitor from the four aspects of materials, moulds, molds, and processes that need welding, in order to truly achieve digital production, intelligent production, and safe and stable production.. At the meeting, it was also mentioned that enterprises should take root in the industry, focus on product refinement and breadth, and continuously strengthen their own management and management levels, thus truly improving the competitiveness of enterprises-seeking truth and truth.
Over the years, three lasers in Shanghai have made continuous breakthroughs in plastic welding equipment technology, research and development. Laser welding equipment includes: double position robot 3D contour welding, strip spot robot plastic laser welding machine, quasi-synchronous single double position plastic welding machine, pressure and deep closed loop plastic welding machine, temperature measurement closed loop single double position plastic welding machine and other professional quality traceability software equipped with plastic welding and Welding monitoring and analysis data software system; New technologies and techniques such as gas tracking software, deep melt and pressure control. Make my plastic laser welding equipment successfully advanced.
Create the future through innovation. Under the leadership plan of the three beams, the three lasers in Shanghai will continue to carry forward the craftsman spirit of "ten years as one day", adhere to innovation-driven development, firmly do the practitioners of smart manufacturing and inspirational leaders of plastic welding!