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Laser cleaning machine series

Product application

Auto accessories, cultural relics protection, aviation, rail, rubber mold, automobile peripheral, ship, food industry, other industries

Application types: rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, restoration of cultural relics,removal of adhesive layer, coating and coating

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Product features

● The laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of clean surface of high-tech products. It has the advantages of easy operation, easy automation and integration, no chemical reagent, fitting surface cleaning, high cleanliness and high precision.

● Laser cleaning has the characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, not only can be used to clean organic pollutants, but also can be used to clean inorganic substances, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust and so on.

Adopt international advanced laser, laser optical system and control system to meet the requirements of metal workpiece surface cleaning process.

Hot-sale product
设备型号/Model SC-20/50/120/200-1000W(可定制/Customizable)
激光功率/laser power 20/50W/120W/200W-1000W(可选/Optional)
激光波长/Wavelength 1064nm
激光器类型/Laser type 光纤激光器/固体激光器/Fiber laser / solid state laser
清洗宽度/Cleaning width 10-80mm(可定制/Customizable)
清洗方式/Cleaning method 手持式/自动化/Handheld / Automation
工作温度/Operating temperature 温度:15℃~35℃/Temperature: 15 ~35 C
冷却方式/Cooling method 风冷<100W激光功率<水冷(根据光源机型)
总功率/Total power <1500W
产地/Place of Origin 中国上海/Shanghai China