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Multi axis fiber laser metal welding machine

Product application

It is applied to precision welding of metal sensors, metal shell, kettle, metal parts, auto parts, aerospace, pressure vessel, military industry, sheet metal processing, metallurgy rolling, oil, machinery, pipe and so on.

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Product features

● Energy real-time control, waveform setting, bring precision welding quality

● High stability, high reliability, stable operation of 24 hours

● Welding spot energy distribution is uniform, suitable for all kinds of complex welding seam, various device spot welding

● To meet the welding point, line, plane and round shaped graphics programming using welding trajectory control, trajectory programming, simple operation, automatic welding process, the welding process can be modified to set the operation and modify the permissions;

● The higher the electro-optical conversion efficiency, better beam quality, less maintenance cost, is the perfect lamp pumped YAG laser existing alternatives.

The CCD monitoring system, X/Y/Z/U table, rotary table, special jig automatic chemical processing, providing a sound program.

设备型号/Model SWF-1000/2000
激光输出功率/Power 1000W/2000W/3000W(可定制功率/Customizable power)
最大脉冲能量/Max.single pulse energy 45j
控制方式/control mode 实时能量反馈PD监测/ Real time energy feedback PD monitoring
配套系统/auxiliary system 示教控制系统,PLC(选配或专门设计)/Teaching control system, PLC (optional or special design)
激光波长/Wavelength 1064nm
激光峰值功率/Laser peak power 1KW/2KW(根据机型/According to the type)
焊接方式/Welding method 单点焊接/Single point welding
焊接深度/Welding depth 0.05-1mm/0.1-3.3mm
脉冲宽度/Pulse width 0.05~50ms(根据机型/According to the type)
连击频率/Combo frequency 0~5Khz
最小焊斑直径/Min Welding Spot Diameter 0.2-2mm
冷却方式/Cooling method 循环水冷/Circulating water cooling
纤芯直径/Fiber core diameter 200/400/600微米/micron
瞄准定位/Positioning CCD摄像定位/CCD camera positioning
CCD摄像定位/CCD camera positioning 5m
电力需求/Electrical demand 3P 380V±5% / 50Hz / 60A
使用环境/Usage environment 温度/Temperature:,13℃-35℃, 湿度/humidity 5% -75%
设备重量/Weight 500kg