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3 axis glue mouth laser cutting machine

Product application

Automobile and motorcycle plastic fittings, automobile oil pipe, acrylic products, automobile air conditioning pipes, household appliance industry, injection molding parts, etc..

Applicable materials: plastics, rubber products, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, and other non-metallic materials.

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Product features

● Imported ball screw guide rail and high speed servo motor, better cutting effect to maintain consistency

● Laser generator can choose metal RF tube and glass tub

● The teaching method is simple, and can be programmed arbitrarily, adding straight lines, circles, arcs and other automatic signals. The laser power, speed and focal length are adjusted flexibly

Laser cutting has good end face, no burr and fast speed

设备型号/Model S-120 SJ-60/SJ-275
激光输出功率/Power 120W 60-275W(可定制)
切割厚度/Cutting thickness ≤10mm(视材料而定/According to the Material)
路径生成方式/Path generation method 示教方式Teaching mode
切割速度/Cutting Speed ≤50mm/s
激光波长/Wavelength 1064nm
雕刻速度/Engraving Speed ≤100mm/s
定位精度/Location precision <0.02mm
工作温度/Operating temperature 温度/Temperature:0℃~40℃/湿度/humidity:5%~95% to the type)
冷却方式/Cooling method 循环水冷/Circulating water cooling
电力需求/Electrical demand 3P 380V±5% / 50Hz / 60A
总功率/Total power <1.5KW
整机重量/Weight 300kg
产地/Place of Origin 中国上海/Shanghai China