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Ceramic laser cutting machine

Product features

● Laser closed loop: imported LD light source, laser PD monitoring to better ensure the stability and safety of the product in the process of processing, to achieve partial closed loop laser. Real time display power curve and realize intercom-munication in temperature measurement closed loop.

● Temperature closed loop: using Germany import temperature measurement module, the module can set the relative temperature real-time display closed loop power curve, high-frequency acquisition welding temperature, real-time automatic temperature control to adjust the laser power size

● The automation equipment clamping and closed-loop monitoring: real-time monitoring set output size and displac-ement sensing distance detection, better guarantee due to product defect operation error.

● The monitor display devices using SIEMENS operating system: closed loop touch unit, can view the alarm information and a better way.

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Product introduction Technical parameter Sample display
设备型号/Model SQC-150~500
激光功率/laser power 150~500W可选(可选/Optional)
激光波长/Wavelength 1064nm(可定制/Customizable)
光束质量/Beam quality M²<1.3
聚焦方式/Focusing mode 单点聚焦镜/Single point focusing mirror
加工速度/Processing speed 0~300mm/s可调Adjustable
运动轴数/Number of moving axes X,Y, Z轴
最小崩边/Minimum collapse 10μm
最大加工材料厚度/Maximum processing material thickness 2mm
最大加工尺寸&精度/Maximum machining size & accuracy 600mm×600mm,±5μm
平台最大行程&速度/Maximum travel speed of platform 600mm×600mm,800mm/s
运动平台重复精度/ repeatability accuracy ≤±1μm
运动平台定位精度/ Positioning accuracy ≤±3μm
加工文件导入格式/Processing file import format Dxf, Plt, DWG
CCD视觉定位精度/ CCD visual positioning accuracy ≤±3μm
PLC控制器 西门子/siemens
除尘&集尘系统/Dust collection & dust collection system 离心式风机/Centrifugal fan
工作温度/working temperature 温度:10℃~40℃湿度:5%~95%/Temperature: 10 ~40,humidity: 5%~95%
冷却方式/Cooling method 水冷/water cooling
电力需求/Power demand 220V/380V,5KW
压缩空气压强/compressed air pressure ≥0.6MPa
外形尺寸/Outline size 1300*1759*1954mm