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Diamond laser cutting machine

Product application

It can be applied to PCD, PCBN, CVD, ceramic, gem, silicon and diamond industry

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Product features

● Equipped with high power laser, PCD can be cut under the thickness of 10mm, high beam quality, small divergence angle, can cut more thick materials and fine kerf, to ensure the reliability of cutting quality.

● High precision motion platform: the base of the machine adopts marble, and the motion part adopts linear motor structure, which has high accuracy and good stability. The compact structure can realize short stroke high frequency and high speed movement, and solves the problems of rigid rigidity, empty return and dead zone existing in the traditional servo motor and ball screw rod structure.

● Automatic compensation of Z axis dynamic focusing for laser cutting head.

● Using professional cutting software, laser energy can be adjusted and controlled in software.

● The types of lasers are YAG, green and UV lasers, which can meet the needs of customers.

设备型号/Model SG-20
激光功率/laser power 20W(可选/Optional)
激光波长/Wavelength 532nm(可定制/Customizable)
光束质量/Beam quality M²<1.3
控制方式/control mode 西门子PLC、PC软件/SIEMENS PLC、PC
聚焦方式/Focusing mode 单点聚焦镜/Single point focusing mirror
运动轴数/Number of moving axes X,Y, Z轴;最多6轴/X, Y, Z axis; at most 6 axes
运动平台重复精度/repeatability accuracy ≤±1μm
运动平台定位精度/Positioning accuracy ≤±3μm
切割方式/Cutting mode Z轴动态调焦自动补偿/Automatic compensation of Z axis dynamic focusing
切割缝宽/Width of cutting seam 0.1~0.12mm
工作温度/working temperature 温度:10℃~40℃湿度:5%~95%/Temperature: 10 ~40,humidity: 5%~95%
冷却方式/Cooling method 水冷/water cooling
电力需求/Power demand 单相/Single-phase:AC220(±10%)/50~60Hz、15A
总功率/Total power <1000W
整机重量/Weight 700Kg