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Stripe spot plastic laser welding machine

Product application

Welding requirements of 3C electronics, membrane switches, medical industry, welding and mass production.

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Product features

● High quality welding laser: imported LD light source, laser PD monitoring to ensure the stability and reliability of the product in the process of processing.

● Strip spot system: the machine uses the optical shaping processing element, the laser energy distribution is very uniform, synchronous welding, thermal stress is smaller, better ensure the reliability of  welding performance.

● Software system: using SIEMENS control system, friendly interface, simple, flexible, powerful, simple operation, custom welding power settings.

● Machine structure: mask welding can be done according to customer requirements.

Safety, environmental protection and pollution-free: compared with the traditional welding process, the production process equipment does not produce other consumables, does not use other additives, no impact on the health of operators.

设备型号/Model SW-2000Z(可定制/Customizable)
激光功率/laser power 200W(可选/optional)
焊接范围/Welding range 定制/Customizable
焊接方式/Welding method 线面焊接/ Synchronous welding
上下料方式/Feeding mode 手动/Manual
激光波长/Wavelength 650~2000nm
夹具/fixture 定制/Customizable
控制系统/Control system 西门子PLC/SIEMENS PLC
工作温度/working temperature 温度:10℃~35℃湿度:5%~85%要求设备应用环境通风无尘/Temperature: 10 ~35,
冷却方式/Cooling method 水冷/water cooling
电力需求/Power demand 单相/Single-phase:AC220(±10%)/50~60Hz、15A
总功率/Total power <2500W
整机重量/Weight 500Kg
产地/Origin 中国上海(China)