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Temperature measurement closed loop plastic laser welding machine

Product application

Auto parts, automobile oil pipes, filters, sensors, 3C electronics, medical industry welding.

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Product introduction Technical parameter Sample display

Product features

● Laser closed loop: imported LD light source, laser PD monitoring to better ensure the stability and safety of the product in the process of processing, to achieve partial closed loop laser. Real time display power curve and realize intercom-munication in temperature measurement closed loop.

● Temperature closed loop: using Germany import temperature measurement module, the module can set the relative temperature real-time display closed loop power curve, high-frequency acquisition welding temperature, real-time automatic temperature control to adjust the laser power size

● The automation equipment clamping and closed-loop monitoring: real-time monitoring set output size and displac-ement sensing distance detection, better guarantee due to product defect operation error.

● The monitor display devices using SIEMENS operating system: closed loop touch unit, can view the alarm information and a better way.

● The safety device: metal shell and grating protection, security personnel.

● The equipment adopts the dual processing way of efficient.

● The sports organization: Taiwan silver ball screw module adopts the machine with high precision, stable performance, and the use of high precision servo motion mechanism. Ensure the smoothness of trajectory and the reliability of perf-ormance.

● System software: can teach programming path, also can directly guide map processing; friendly interface simple, flexible, powerful, simple operation, with SIEMENS control system can realize automation flexible link.

● Safety, environmental protection and pollution-free: compared with the traditional welding process, the production proc-ess equipment does not produce other consumables, does not use other additives, no impact on the health of operators.

● The CCD positioning system more precise welding.



激光功率/laser power




焊接方式/Welding method

单点焊接(可定制整形光斑)/ Single point welding (customized shaping spot)

控制方式/control mode


运动范围/Range of motion


温度监测/temperature monitoring

视材料熔点/Melting point of visual material

焊接工位/Welding station

单工位/双工位(可选)/Single station / double station (optional)

上下料方式/Feeding mode


工作温度/working temperature

温度:10℃~35℃湿度:5%~85%要求设备应用环境通风无尘/Temperature: 10 ~35,

冷却方式/Cooling method

风冷<100W激光功率<水冷(根据光源)/Air cooling<100W<water cooling (according to light source)

电力需求/Power demand


总功率/Total power