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Multi-station laser welding machine for manipulato

In order to further correspond to the emission standards of motor vehicles in the sixth stage of the country, domestic automobile enterprises and joint venture automobile manufacturers have called for fuel filtration and emissions. The father of the world automobile manufacturing German brand car enterprises for emission standards and automotive lightweight and other began to a large number of applications and in emissions and lightweight aspects show good results; Three bundles have long entered the mass supplier system, plus our patented technology in laser welding. Three bundles of companies in 2017.6 to achieve small batch proofing to German Volkswagen, August of the same year to achieve a large volume of procurement applications.

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Product introduction Technical parameter Sample display

1. Robot double station plastic laser welding workstation is widely used in automobile door partition, automobile oil system, automobile fuel tank, automobile bumper, automobile fitting, automobile radiator, large plastic welding.

2. The three-beam laser equipment is developed and manufactured in the direction of industry 4.0 and intelligentized. The equipment produced can have AI function, modularization and German manufacture label. This robot double station plastic laser welding workstation for close customer needs we use more reliable ABB robot in the equipment itself, American light source. The equipment has closed-loop functions such as pressure, power, displacement, temperature and so on. The equipment can also select the configuration of MES, data transmission, storage, query and so on.

3. In order to meet the needs of customers, we developed a set of air tightness testing and analysis equipment in the welding process after completion, so that each product shipped qualified.

设备型号/Model SW-50/100/200/300(可定制/Customizable)
激光功率/laser power 50W/100W/300W(可选/ Custinuzavke)
激光波长/Wavelength 650~2000nm
运动方式/Movement mode 单点焊接(可选整形光斑)/Single point welding (optional shaping spot
机械手品牌/Robot brand ABB/KUKA(可选/ Custinuzavke)
控制系统/Control system 西门子PLC/SIEMENS PLC
焊接工位/Welding station 单工位/双工位(可选)/Single station / double station (optional)
上下料方式/feeding and unloading mode 手动或自动/Manual or automatic
工作温度/working temperature 温度:10℃~35℃湿度:5%~85%要求设备应用环境通风无尘/Temperature: 10 ~35,    humidity:5%~85%,  the equipment application environment, ventilation and dust-free
冷却方式/Cooling method 风冷<100W激光功率<水冷(根据光源)/Air cooling 100W water cooling (according to light source
电力需求/Power demand 单相AC380(±10%)/50~60Hz、30A
产地/Origin 中国上海(China)
机器重量/Weight 2500KG